A Hidden Risk - Carbon Monoxide

Many safety issues are often at the front of our minds. Turn off the oven, make sure the clothes iron is cool and unplugged, etc. However, there is another major safety issue that you may not think about a lot. It's carbon monoxide. The problem with this gas is that you cannot smell it, and you will not know it exists. But, a family can die while sleeping because it will cause headaches, dizziness, confusion, nausea and fainting. If you are in bed when this happens you may not wake up to save yourself. This is why in addition to a fire alarm installed in your home you should have a carbon monoxide detector, too. You should also test it regularly per the manufacturer recommendations. Carbon monoxide is a by-product of incomplete combustion that occurs in nearly every gas furnace in every home. Normally, it is carried out of the house through the furnace's venting system. But, if there is a problem with the furnace or the venting, it could lead to carbon monoxide leaks into the house. So, if you are repairng or replacing your home's gas furnace, be sure to have the work done by a trianed professional. Preventing carbon monoxide poisoning is relatively simple. Just don’t forget about it, and you can rest easy.


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